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Empower your child with judo - the perfect blend of physical prowess, mental resilience, and emotional maturity. Judo helps young people harness their inner and outer strength, developing the next generation of compassionate leaders and reliable, consistent friends.

developing strength & humility

In a welcoming & fun community

Judo is designed to be a controlled and safe martial art. All British Judo affiliated clubs in Britain use certified coaches, who teach proper techniques in a progressive way, creating confident and skilful players. Our coaches put the development of children at the centre of everything they do, from ensuring proper use of the protective mats to constant supervision ensuring a secure environment for your child to learn and grow in a happy and welcoming environment.

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Great Britain is home to nearly 600 clubs nationwide, who cater for children of all ages and abilities, and to your schedule.


Will my child be able to keep up?

Absolutely! Our judo classes are tailored to accommodate children of all skill levels. We gradually build their strength, flexibility and endurance, ensuring they progress comfortably.


How does Judo benefit my child?

Judo instils discipline, focus and self-confidence in children, which often translates to improved academic performance and social interactions.

a home of excellence

Many British judoka who started the sport as children have gone on to achieve great things, from being the best athletes in the world in their division to being societal rolemodels. Read some of their stories below.

From Child Judoka To World #1

Chelsie Giles

From budding 8-year-old judoka to the no.1 ranked judoka in the world in her weight class, Chelsie Giles embodies the benefits of starting Judo at a young age to becoming a role model for young girls and women everywhere.

From Child Judoki to mental health advocate

lachlan moorhead

Young judoku champion Lachlan Moorhead, who's competed in this sport since the age of 7, uses his platform to advocate for mental health awareness, working to overcome the stigma of men talking about their problems.


Helping your child develop inner and outer strength.


Lifelong friendships and companionship developed in a challenging, communal environment.


The joy of movement, play, problem-solving and physical activity in a challenging space alongside your friends.

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